Gary was born in Leith and while attending Leith Walk Primary School he learned to play the violin.  It was while at Secondary School that he found his real calling – “the geetar.” Practicing studiously as a teenager, he tried and developed various styles of playing including classical, flamenco and jazz, as well as playing contemporary pop and rock music.  After dabbling with saxophone and trumpet Gary later took up trombone and now sings and plays guitar and trombone (not all at the same time!) with his band Burt and the Bacharettes, who play in and around Edinburgh.

Gary’s first experimentation was at the ripe old age of eight, when he made a glass harmonica at home from various glasses filled to different levels, and he still likes to dabble with all sorts of musical instruments.  Later his curiosity led to him becoming an inventor when he developed the Canmore bagpipe bag based on GoretexÒ technology, which revolutionised the bagpipe world as pipers no longer need to use animal skin bags – This invention was featured in an episode of the TV series Tomorrow’s World.

Gary also likes to collect percussion instruments from around the world and he incorporates these where relevant into his own compositions and his other musical ventures.


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